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I consider myself amazingly lucky, both in life and work. Throughout my career I've had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing designers, editors, engineers, developers, photographers, and human beings a boy from Ohio could hope to find. I've had the opportunity to design action figures for Star Wars, a true life's dream. I've interviewed my favorite car designers, and a few celebrities, for an award winning podcast. I've flown planes, driven race cars, photographed weddings, met a really nice lady...then married her, lived all over the US, and made a positive impact on the design community in San Francisco.

San Francisco is where I honed my skills not just as a motion designer, but as a jack of all trades, who is also heavily invested in the people he works with. Typically, there is a single motion designer at any given company, with each department/discipline requesting their time and expertise. Due to this, I have developed the ability to self-manage internal needs and deliverables, while monitoring what everyone on the team is working on and where they are in the process. As I work with design, development, and engineering, I've been able to facilitate cross disciplinary benefits, such as connecting teams that are working on similar problems but were not aware of the other's efforts.

I am also constantly required to remain nimble, and adjust to the changing needs and technical requirements of the project at hand. This means working directly with the development/engineering, and discovering the best solution given the ever changing constraints. With the process and requirements often in flux, staying positive and delivering on-time with high quality is my constant aim. I've also had to be a one person shop, anything that was asked of me I was more than happy to do.

I value team unity and morale, and to try and play an active role in cultivating a balanced and fun environment. A good sense of humor, a well-timed joke, or random trivia can add a moment of enjoyment to everyone’s day. Let’s work together!